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Photo Credit:  Really Nathan

Photo Credit: Really Nathan


Something about why my name is Danmichael here. A thing about how I was born in Manila, lived in Singapore, raised in Los Angeles, went to school in New York, and now I'm back and based in Los Angeles again.  

Maybe a supporting paragraph giving just a bit more detail about how I went to school for music at The New School in NYC. I should probably mention that I went off and got a graduate degree from CalArts after The New School.

A link here to the Okayplayer article featuring the EP I produced for Ta-Yo (this hip-hop collective I’m in).

I should probably link to the EP’s bandcamp too.

Here's the part where I talk about the work I've done. I could go into detail, but you can probably just click here and peruse through my selected works yourself. 

I might mention how I write for Revive Music and that I've interviewed some of the most amazing musical minds of our time like Eddie Palmieri, Robert Glasper, Nai Palm, Nicholas Payton, and much more.

Here's the part where I tell you to email me at kamustadanmichael@gmail.com if you want to contact me.

Now this is the part where I sign off and thank you for your interest.

Love, your friend,